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Bieber Wins the Race and Championship at Linda's Speedway; LV 50 Format released

Brett Bieber almost went two years without a win at Linda’s Speedway. Almost is the key word. Bieber closed out the championship run by guaranteeing himself the title by winning the season’s final point paying race. Bieber, who is well known for poor redraws, credited his niece with a good pull that started the 32 in the spot they needed to get the win.

Defending champion Dave Carraghan gave Bieber all he could handle all night, but settled for second in the race and in the championship.

Justin Thompson was third followed by Austin Webster and Brett Spitler.

Parker Hendricks was the Junior Slingshot winner.

Linda’s Speedway will host the Northeast Slingshot series’ final race of 2020 on October 2 in the Lebanon Valley 50. The 50 lap event will return after a few year absence.

The format will be as follows:

Hot Laps

Time Trials

Heat Races

B Main

50 Lap Feature

The feature race will not have a fuel/pit stop. There will be a yellow on lap ten. Drivers will be able to pit between lap 10-15 without losing a lap under the yellow flag. The field will go green again on lap 16. Cars that pit will restart behind the cars that remain on the speedway. The pit stop is not mandatory. There will be no other yellow flags promised.

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