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Carraghan opens Northeast series with Win

Excerpt from Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway Press Release:

“Back To School Night at Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway saw five divisions taking to the racetrack, with the 2020 All-Star Slingshot Tour running their season opener. Dave Carraghan and Mason Pittinger would lead the field to the green. Carraghan took the early lead, while Cody Kline made a big charge in the opening laps to claim second by lap four. The first caution flew on lap four, with Dave Morrell and Carter Weiant coming together in turn two. Kline was a bit too aggressive on the restart and was called for the false-start. Kline would move to fourth after the penalty, promoting Pittinger back to the front row. Kline had an issue coming up to speed and stopped in turn two. Blaire Schoenly also came to a stop in the corner. Schoenly and Kline would see their night end as a result of the incidents. A single-file restart was in the cards after the successive yellows. Bieber and Pittinger battled for several laps, with contact leading to Bieber spinning in turn three. Only ten laps were completed when this third caution flew over the field. Bieber was able to get restarted but would restart in the twelfth position. Andrew Turpin was able to get around Pittinger for second on the restart; but contact deep in the field brought out the yellow after one lap was completed. Just a handful of laps into the restart, Bieber had already climbed back to the seventh position. Carter Weiant stopped on the backstretch just past halfway bringing out another yellow flag. The restart saw heavy contact throughout the field, apart from race leader Carraghan. Mason Pittinger would be on the short end of the contact and his night would be over. Inside of ten laps to go, Bieber got around Andrew Turpin for third. Carraghan would claim the flag-to-flag win, and with a margin of victory over four seconds.”

Northeast Series Results:

1. 3 Dave Carraghan; 2. 16t Thomas Nettleship; 3. 32 Brett Bieber; 4. 7a Josh Patterson; 5. 56 Andrew Turpin; 6. 1 Tyler Ulsh; 7. 21w Chuck Whary; 8. 3s Brett Spitler; 9. 21j Josh Weiant; 10. 42 Mason Pittenger; 11. 14c Carter Weiant; 12. 47z Zach Steffey; 13. 112 Cody Kline; 14. 13 Blaire Schoenly; 15. 28m Dave Morrell

Aidan Donaldson (Junior Slingshots) and Wes Hearn (Super Slingshots) were winners at Hamlin Speedway on Saturday.

Nolan Layser took the checkered flag at Shellhammer Dirt Track on Saturday night in the Junior Slingshots with Terry Noll first across the line in the All Star Slingshots.

Jason Kraycirik took checkered flags at Spirit Auto Center Speedway on Friday night.

James Benz and Charlene Benz continued their winning ways at Snydersville Raceway this past weekend as well.

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