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Neary Steals a Win at Middleford Speedway return

Middleford Speedway cut the ribbon on their return to racing on the Oct 10 weekend and when the green flag dropped in the main Shelby McLaughlin set sail to the race lead.

McLaughlin led 18 of the 20 lap feature before Hamlin Speedway champion Scott Neary slipped to her inside and used some lap traffic to make the pass for the win.

Neary took the checkered flag and became the first winner at the new speedway layout. The Slingshots had previously ran at Middleford Speedway when it was the old ¼ mile layout.

Shelby McLaughlin finished in the second spot. Steve McLaughlin rounded out the top three finishers.

Zach Steffey and Thomas Nettleship were fourth and fifth.

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