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Pauch Jr. Kicks Off Speedstr Season with Win

Billy Pauch Jr. took the race lead away from Timmy Buckwalter on opening night of the 2020 season at Action Track USA and held the top spot for the first Speedstr win of the season.

Pauch Jr. is a four time and defending Action Track USA champion. The win was worth $2,000 for Pauch and car owner Mike Heffner. Car Owner Mike Heffner was also last years car owner champion.

Following Pauch across the line were Steve Buckwalter and Ryan Godown. Matt Westfall and Billy Pauch Sr. were the top five finishers.

Impressive Speedstr debuts by Kenny Miler III, Jared Silfee, Scott Armbruster, and Tyler Brehm give high hopes for more exciting racing next week!

The Speedstrs are back to racing next Wednesday, July 1, at Action Track USA.

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