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Pinkerous and Rogosich ahead of the pack at Empire Series Opener

The Empire Series has kicked off the 2021 season and Brock Pinkerous and Ashley Rogosich took checkered flags at Five Mile Point Speedway.

Pinkerous picked up right where he left off in 2020 as the Empire Series champion taking the opening day victory for the Junior Slingshots. Pinkerous took the victory over Colt Kimball, Lucas Duncan, Avery Decker, and Five Mile Point opening day winner Liam Zacharias.

Ashley Rogosich has figured out the fast way around Five Mile Point Speedway. The defending Fall Series champion at the speedway had no issue holding off the touring series invader to grab the first checkered flag of the Empire Series season. Brett Putnam and Andrew Turpin filled out the podium for the event with Gordon Smith and Matt Sydoyk rounding out the top five finishers.

The Empire Series swings back into the action at the Afton Speedway on May 14!

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