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Victory Speedway Returns as Slingshot Small Track at OCFS

Quoted from the recent Orange County Fairgrounds press release

"Victory Speedway is Orange Motorsports and Entertainment’s (OME) newest addition to the Orange County Fairgrounds’ lineup of racing facilities. For over 100 years, the Middletown NY Fairgrounds have been home to the Orange County Fair Speedway, a 5/8-mile clay oval that hosts stock car racing events. In 2013, a Motocross course was added to the fairgrounds, now 2021 will welcome a new track, Victory Speedway!

What is Victory Speedway? Aside from the name being an homage to OCFS’s short period when it was known as “Victory Speedway” in the 60’s, it is a new “small track” under construction at OCFS. This new small track will utilize OCFS’s existing backstretch and infield to create a smaller dirt oval for the competition of “Slingshots” and other smaller race cars than the Dirt Modified Stock Cars and Street Stocks that compete regularly at OCFS.

The significance of bringing Slingshot racing to Middletown comes in that the class is especially well suited to kids who want to break into dirt track racing at a level that is both age appropriate and affordable for families just starting out. The Slingshot cars act as more of a beginner class to the kind of racing that goes down at OCFS, as the cars are like a scaled down version of a Dirt Modified. These 39 HP Briggs and Stratton powered race cars have been many young drivers means to catapult themselves into a legitimate stock car racing career, while also allowing for older drivers to get back behind the wheel at a smaller and more affordable scale.

OCFS’s penultimate race weekend, Eastern States Weekend 2020, saw a driver of just 12 years old in victory lane. Tanner Vandoren not only won the big race in the sportsman class but was also that division’s point leader for the whole 2020 season. Youth interest remains strong in grassroots dirt track racing and OME wants to encourage even more youth involvement. Victory Speedway will enable young fans to be more than fans, opening the door to competition in an exciting new way! If you or your child wants to get involved in racing, the 2021 season at the Orange County Fairgrounds and Victory Speedway would love to have you be a part of their racing family. April 2021 will come fast so get wrenching!

For more information about Racing and Motocross at OCFS visit

For information about obtaining Slingshots visit Speedway Entertainment at "

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