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Body Shop

Slingshot FAQ

Can I have my body mounted?

Of course! We mount the bodies for an additional cost of $268 with new springs for the dzus buttons. We can use your dzus buttons or put new ones on.

Adding dzus buttons is an additional cost.


Are the bodies pre drilled?

No, they are not. We do not pre drill non mounted bodies.


Can I choose my own colors?

Yes, You Can! Pick from any colors on the Wrisco color chart. Use the link below to check it out.

Click Here: Wrisco Color Chart


How do I order a body?

You can call and be placed on the list for a new body (717)866-7450 or place your order online. When the body is done you will be contacted for pick up or shipping. It really is pretty simple!


How long will it take?

This is a tricky question. There is no real answer. Of course, each year there are orders for new cars. Sometimes things go quickly and sometimes they take a little longer. We want to be transparent about the body list to help everyone understand where they are on the waiting list. We take pride in our work and want it to be right. Please be patient!


Can I order an older body?

Yes, currently you can buy a 2014, 2017, and 2020 body for the Slingshots. To comply with the Speedway Ent rules package your body must be within nine years of the current body.

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