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2020 Flywheel Rule to be Utilized for Start of Season

Due to slower than anticipated production of the New Style Flywheel from Briggs and Stratton, the 2020 Flywheel rule will remain in effect until further notice.

The wording from the previous Flywheel is stated below:

“Alternator must be in working order at all times and all 12 magnets, on flywheel, must be in place for cars under 810lbs. 17.2 lb New style steel flywheel does not have to run alternator and car weight can be min. 740 lbs lighter old style steel flywheel will be illegal until deemed unusable in 2021.”

Other than this ruling, the rest of the 2021 Rule Book will remain in effect.

The opening Slingshot event in the Northeast at Middleford Speedway on March 20 in Seaford, De.

The Slingshots have been competing in the Southern region Sunshine Series since early February.

Rule books are enclosed with registration and can be found on

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