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New York State of Mind for Neary in Syacuse Indoor Finale

2020 and 2021 World Champion Scott Neary won the 20-lap Slingshot feature in Syracuse New York in the Indoor racing finale.

Neary made the pass of race leader Jared Silfee and maneuvered through lap traffic to notch the victory. While Brett Bieber suffered his first defeat of the indoor season at Syracuse in the A Main, a fourth place finish propelled Bieber to the 2022 Indoor Auto Racing Championship.

Jared Silfee, Matt Mertz, Brett Bieber, and Canadian Bryan Preville completed the top five.

Slingshot heat race winners were Brett Bieber, Jared Silfee and Bryan Preville.

Slingshot Feature (20 Laps): 1. Scott Neary, 2. Jared Silfee, 3. Matt Mertz, 4. Brett Bieber, 5. Ryan Preville, 6. Mike Lipicki, 7. Alex Reinsmith. 8. Cody Bleau, 9. Louden Reimert, 10. Mike Mora, 11. Ryan Raidline, 12. James Benz, 13. Cody Kline, 14. Brett Putnam. 15. Paul Hartwig, Jr., 16. Nick Fallis, 17. Brian Smith, 18. Tucker Jones, 19. Brock Pinkerous

(Jarrad Wakefield Photo)

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