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Bridgeport Motorsports Park & Spirit Auto Center Speedway throw green flag on Junior Slingshots

Following continuous efforts over recent seasons, the Junior Slingshots have been state police approved to compete at Spirit Auto Center Speedway inside Bridgeport Motorsports Park on a regular basis.

The minimum age for the single barrel Slingshots will be 10 years old. A Birth Certificate will be required as well as the New Jersey safety item listed at the end of this release.

Following a successful debut last season in a Keystone Cup touring race, the news about the approval of the Junior Slingshots comes just weeks before the World Championship Weekend. The event to kick off the 2022 outdoor Slingshot season will hit the Bridgeport Motorsports Park and Spirit Auto Center Speedway on March 18, 19 and 20.

The Junior Slingshots have various facilities in Northeast throughout Pennsylvania and New York that they compete at on a weekly basis. Opportunities will continue to grow with the addition of the New Jersey speedway.

A race ready Slingshot can be bought from Speedway Entertainment for $9417 and roll onto the race track that day! If you are interested in breaking into the racing world, no matter your age, you can call Speedway Ent for more details at 717-866-7450 or visit for more information.

New Jersey Safety Requirements:

- Helmets 2015 or newer

- Belts must be within expiration date

- Head and Neck restraint, they are good for 5 years from date stamped. They can get re-certified.

- Fire proof underwear, 1-piece suit, arm restraints, head sock, gloves, and racing shoes

- Full containment seat. *Can be the Bolt On Version*

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