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All Star Slingshot World Champion to Run #1

In racing, every night, every driver strives to be number one. Before the conclusion of the 2020 racing season it was announced that the World Champions would have the option to run the number one. Running the number one can indicate who won the series the previous year.

It is considered as a well-earned honor putting the #1 on a race car in the year following a championship and that what the S&S Speedways team will do. They are going to move away from their familiar number 55 and that car will become the number 1 car for this season as the reigning and defending All Star Slingshot World Champion.

Scott Neary used a perfect World Championship Weekend (winning every feature race) at Linda’s Speedway at the end of the 2020 season to win his first World Championship. Neary was also the Hamlin Speedway champion.

A race ready Slingshot can be bought from Speedway Entertainment for $8,900 and roll onto the race track that day! If you are interested in breaking into the racing world or moving to a cost efficient form of racing, no matter your age or racing background, you can call Speedway Ent for more details at 717-866-7450 or visit for more information.

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