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An Open Letter to World Champion Scott Neary

The views, information, or opinions expressed throughout this letter are solely those of Michael Batz and do not reflect on Speedway Entertainment...


Let me start by congratulating you on becoming the 2020 World Champion. This is an accomplishment that many of us saw coming, but you made it a reality.

Your sweep of the World Championship Weekend was very impressive with the powerful car count. Some have stepped forward and criticized the format, but simply put the fastest car won the races.

It is understandable to say things need to change when a driver is so successful at an event. What some won’t remember is the driver that crafted his skill last year and showed us a glimpse of strength at this very weekend in 2019. Or, the driver that ran his first full indoor season that left many of us shaking our heads in disbelief. Lost is the success of the Hamlin Speedway champion. All the work behind the scenes that creates a team, car, and driver capable of all the accomplishments can’t be lost. It wasn’t a format that showcased your skill, it was you.

I want you to know that your humble attitude does not go unnoticed. All too often the quiet performances are the ones we cast aside. In a year of chaos, it was refreshing.

Most race car drivers say they would love an opportunity to drive “that car”. With opportunity comes pressure. Taking the wheel of the 55 that has won so many big races and champions before you did not come without high expectations. Your achievement of those goals and the focus it takes to do so is noteworthy for the younger racers.

Speaking of the younger drivers, aside from the racing, I respect your compassion toward the Junior Slingshot World Champion. Paulie Hartwig enjoyed being in victory lane with you as much as he did winning himself. We see so many "role models" on social media for likes, it's good to see it happen in person.

In a year when we needed it most, we have a champion that came from being a contender and took the next step with a background proving hard work really does pay off.

-Mike Batz

Photo By Keegan Simmons

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