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Bieber / Taschler Wednesday Night's Top Performers

As racing in the northeast picks up, Wednesday Night’s are about to get very busy. It started with racing at Shellhammer Dirt Track on June 17th with their opening event for the Wingless Wednesday racing.

Wyatt Taschler held off Tucker Cole for the win in the junior Slingshot feature event. Taschler only got better as the race went on claiming his fastest lap of the race on lap 15. Cole has been consistently in the top three in the last few races in search of his first win of the season. JT Bierman, Nolan Layser, and Parker Hendricks were the top five finishers.

Brett Bieber and Dylan Hoch waged another classic battle of their own in the All Star Slingshot event. The reigning world champion (Hoch) battled the five-time world champion (Bieber) with Bieber crossing the line first and winning this one. Hoch was the Saturday night winner at Shellhammer’s.

Bieber bested the 23 car field with Hoch, Cody Kline, Tyler Hoch, and Joey Vaccaro in chase at the finish.

Next Wednesday business picks up in central Pa with Shellhammer’s back in action and racing beginning at the Championship Energy Action Track USA.

Michael Fry Photos

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