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Buccafusca and Tyler Hoch lead Wednesday Night Racers

Danny Buccafusca held of a hard charging Taylor Mills at the Action Track USA on opening night in the Kutztown fairgrounds. Brett Bieber took third spot.

"I love this place and being in front of all these fans", said an excited Buccafusca after the non stop Slingshot feature.

Tyler Hoch carried the Hoch Motorsports banner at Shellhammer Dirt Track on his way to his first win. Hoch, the younger brother of reigning World Champion Dylan Hoch, steps closer to beinbg an odds-on favorite weekly with the win that came over teammate Dave Carraghan and the 2019 Junior Slingshot World Champion Tyler Ulsh for the win.

Joey Lyle is nothing short of unstoppable right now at Shellhammer Dirt Track in the Junior Slingshots. Lyle was the winner again on Wednesday night over Wyatt Taschler and Tucker Cole.

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