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Caroga Creek Racepark added as Saturday event in Super National weekend

The New York Super National Weekend has been altered from the originally scheduled events.

Five Mile Point Speedway has canceled their program for Saturday. That race will be moved and rescheduled at Caroga Creek Racepark in Johnsville, New York.

Friday’s event will be held at the original location Albany-Saratoga Speedway. Saturday the Super National weekend will move to Caroga Creek Racepark. Sunday the weekend will wrap up at Glen Ridge Raceway Park.

These events will count toward the driver’s total points going into the World Championship Weekend.

The points system is a combination of a driver’s home track or series points plus the super national weekend. These points are what drivers have going into the World Championship Weekend at Linda’s Speedway in late October.

Drivers are not required to have points to participate in the weekend, but if they wish to chase the World Championship it is necessary to run the Super National Weekend events.

Friday and Sunday's events are also part of the Empire Series races for the Slingshots!

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