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Girls Just Want to Have Fun

The term “Lady Racer” is often overused is racing. Most “lady racers” simply want to be known as racers without another label. Of course once the helmet is on that becomes the case. It is hard not to proclaim credit to successful female drivers that are breaking through in an once male dominated sport.

The spotlight is falling on the diverse winners in the Slingshot division in recent races.

Kaitlyn Swist led much of the Junior Slingshot race on Wednesday night and snagged a podium finish while Lindsey Garl went to victory lane on Wednesday night at Shellhammer Dirt Track to put a cap on a week that saw four female drivers take checkered flags.

Abbey Cauley was a winner at Tri-County Speedway in Alabama on Sunday while Kyndal Kimmons scored a Labor Day weekend win at Southern Raceway in Florida.

Amanda Angstadt added to her win total at Bridgeport Speedway with a Saturday victory while, although not a win, former Junior Slingshot World Champion Shelby McLaughlin, gave eventual winner Dylan Hoch all he could handle at Hamlin on Saturday night in the Super National Event.

Despite the perception of domination from men in racing, these hard working race car drivers are putting the attention on their skills of going fast and taking checkered flags before anything else.

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