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Hoch "Golden Hammer" Winner; Danner First at Action Track

Dylan Hoch “nailed” the set up for the Shellhammer Dirt Track on Wednesday night in the Golden Hammer event. Hoch crossed the line ahead of Brett Bieber in a showdown of two of the biggest powers in Slingshot racing. Hoch started sixth in the main event.

Tyler Hoch, last week’s winner, came in third with Talan Carter, and Josh Patterson the top five.

In the Slingshot feature at Action Track USA it seemed to be a curse to lead the event. Sam Neary looked to have the race in control when his car slowed under a yellow for his teammate Danny Buccafusca who lost a wheel. The top two dropped behind the wall and Paulie Hartwig III took over the race lead. Hartwig too, was bit by the bad luck bug and dropped out after leading two laps. Gavin Danner was next to take the helm. Danner paced the field for the final circuits and closed the race out holding off a hard charge from Blaire Schonely in the last corner.

Danner admitted in victory lane he wasn’t really sure what happened, but when the opportunity arose, he took full advantage of it on his way to his first Action Track win. Schoenly was second with Ryan Bilello third.

Aidan Donaldson fended off James Hendricks advances throughout the event to claim the Junior Slingshot feature event at Action Track.

Wyatt Taschler was the first across the line in the Junior Slingshot feature event holding off Nolan Layser for the win at Shellhammer’s. Taschler’s fastest lap of the race came on lap 12 of the feature.

Layser, Tucker Cole, Alex Lagun, and Parker Hendricks were the top five in the Junior Slingshots for Wednesday night.

Photo:: Gavin Danner at Action Track USA after his first win by SDS Photo

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