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Junior Slingshots expanding to Delaware area

The Junior Slingshots will be retuning to the Delaware area and the Middleford Speedway.

Since the resurgence of the Middleford Speedway in Seaford, De there has been a large interest in brining the Junior Slingshot class to the area to allow the racers, 14 years and younger, an avenue to advance their racing careers.

The Junior Slingshots will soon be part of the competition at the speedway. Cars have been purchased and placed in position to form a successful re-launch of the class in the area.

Slingshot by Tobias/Briggs & Stratton Power Products cars are tailored toward the adventure hungry individual who wants to be involved in the fastest growing sport in America, auto racing. Slingshots give drivers the opportunity to race without the large investment of motorsports. This 58" wheel-based, spec. racer features an alcohol burning, Briggs & Stratton V-Twin power-plant, capable of speeds over 80 miles per hour. Additionally, the Slingshot features a 4-coil suspension and is available in your choice of colors. The Slingshot is affordable, competitive, fun, and safety minded. Winning is no longer determined by your budget but by driving ability and a well-kept maintenance program.

The active Slingshot car count currently numbers near 400, with weekly racing venues located in Alabama, New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and New Jersey. Slingshots have competed throughout the country; including Delaware, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Maryland, Indiana, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Ages of Slingshot drivers have no boundaries, with current driver ages ranging from 6 to 79. It is this concept that has kept the family values of racing progressing forward. Many weekly tracks have a Junior Class which encompasses younger drivers from ages 6 to 13. The value of seat-time proves beneficial as the driver's abilities continue to grow. The Junior Class runs everything the same as the Regular Class or All Star Class except they are required to run a 1 bbl. carburetor.

A new assembled Slingshot rolls out of Speedway Entertainment at a cost of $8,888.

Information about the Slingshots can be found on or by calling Speedway Entertainment at 717-866-7450.

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