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Neary and Hendricks are Dirt-A-Rama West End Fair Winners

Sam Neary stayed on par in the All Star Slingshots and James Hendricks scored the checkered flag in the Junior Slingshots main events at the West End Fair Dirt-A-Rama.

The event is held as a satellite race from the Snydersville Raceway.

Neary took the All Star Slingshot victory over Shelby McLaughlin, Scott Neary, James Benz, and Doug Smith.

Hendricks beat Chase Zimmer and Charlene Benz to the line. Cole Perez and Trevor Houghton rounded out the top five finishers.

Full Results via Dirt-A-Rama Facebook Page:

AllStar Slingshots

1. Sam Neary

2. Shelby McLaughlin

3. Scott Neary

4. James Benz

5. Doug Smith

6. Greg Zellman

7. Zach Cox

8. Brent Schantz

Jr. Slingshots

1. James Hendericks

2. Chase Zimmer

3. Charlene Benz

4. Cole Perez

5. Trevor Houghton

6. Aidan Donaldson

7. Brayden Morrison

8. Joshua Smith

9. Austin Kroboth

10. Frank Twing Jr.

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