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Neary, Donaldson, M McLaughlin Lock up Titles; Hartwig, Hearn, S McLaughlin Winners at Hamlin Finale

In the Hamlin Speedway season finale Paulie Hartwig III, Wes Hearn, and Shelby McLaughlin went to victory lane.

Hartwig held off Charlene Benz and James Hendricks in the late laps of the Junior Slingshot feature race after starting sixth.

Chase Zimmer was fourth while Cole Perez came from 15th to finish fifth.

Aidan Donaldson won his heat race, but dropped out of the feature. He was still able to lock down the 2020 Hamlin Speedway Junior Slingshot championship following a ten race season.

Wes Hearn evened the win total between himself and Mike McLaughlin in the Super Slingshots at Hamlin with six wins each, but Mike McLaughlin walked out as the 2020 champion.

Dale Kober was second in the feature event followed by McLaughlin, Jeremy Hoffman, and Pat Collins.

Shelby McLaughlin secured the checkered flag to close out the 2020 season in the All Star Slingshots and a third place finish in the point standings.

Scott Neary finished in second to secure the Hamlin Speedway All Star Slingshot championship following a seven win season and 12 top ten finishes.

James Benz, Wes Hearn, and Taylor Mills were the top five finishers.

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