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Pa's Super National Weekend lurking around the corner

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

The Pennsylvania Super National Weekend is almost here!

What is Super National Weekend?

It is part of the criteria to chase the World Championship for the All Star and Junior Slingshots. Each year drivers accumulate points toward their World Championship totals. Those points come from the drivers home track or their touring series, their Super National Weekend, and then the races run at World Championship Weekend.

The Super National races for the Keystone area are not limited to just drivers in the Pa area. Any driver can travel and run any super national races. A few teams made the trip to Florida at the start of the year for their super national event at Marion County.

This weekends events are scheduled for Snydersville Raceway, Hamlin Speedway, and Lanco’s Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway.

The junior Slingshots will be running Friday at Snydersville Raceway and then Saturday at Hamlin Speedway.

The All Star Slingshots will be competing all three nights at Snydersville Raceway, Hamlin Speedway, and Lanco.

Lanco made a decision early this week to remove the junior Slingshots from their schedule. Limited time has not allowed a rescheduling of this event.

Information regarding each of these events can be found at the links blow:

Syndersville Raceway: 610-381-3787 … … 2274 Storm Road Stroudsburg, PA 18360

Hamlin Speedway: 570-420-5500 … … 44 J&J Road Hamlin, PA 18427

Lanco: 717-949-3559 … … 180 Sunnyside Road Newmantown, PA 17073

Linda’s Speedway will play host to World Championship Weekend again in 2021. The World Championships offer a rare scenario of racing four times in three days. Friday night a single event is held. Saturday the action picks up and racing is held both in the afternoon and the evening. Sunday is the finale with racing in the afternoon before the newly crowned World Champions are introduced.


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