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Pauch "King of the SpeedSTRs" at Bridgeport Mid Week Special

Billy Pauch took the top spot in the early laps of the Speedway Entertainment All Pro SpeedSTR feature event fueled by VP Fuels at Bridgeport Motorsports Park on Tuesday May 4 and never looked back leading the rest of the way.

The New Jersey native is the defending champion at the speedway in the Modifieds and Pauch’s ability to adapt to the track quickly gave him the advantage in the main event. Briggs Danner and Tim Buckwalter worked most of the lap ten laps to catch Pauch with Danner making a big move on the closing laps to get to Pauch’s rear bumper. But, that’s all the further he would get.

It’s Pauch’s first win of the season in the SpeedSTR for car owner Rob Hummer. Pauch, Danner, Buckwalter, Tom Mayberry, and Jason Musser were the top five finishers.

Ralph Rehrig is the car owner championship race point leader with just a ten point lead over Musser Racing.

(Mike Knappenberger Photo)

Bridgeport Motorsports Park finish (5-4-2021):

1. Billy Pauch, 2. Briggs Danner, 3. Tim Buckwalter, 4. Tom Mayberry, 5. Jason Musser, 6. Jay Hartman, 7. Jeff Hartman, 8. Jeff Cot, 9. Dillon Steuer, 10. Tim Iulg, 11. Kenny Meisner, 12. Nick Havens 13. Ryan Godown Jr. 14. TJ Mayberry 15. Nick Pecko

Car Owner Points Following Bridgeport Motorsports Park

1…17rRalph Rehrig-305

2…52Musser Racing-295

3…56Tim Iulg-240

4…77rRalph Rehrig-240

5…95Ralph Rehrig-239

6…r7Hummer Motorsports-230

7…78Roy Danner-220

8…2Toby Jr Racing-208

9…7rRalph Rehrig-207

10…56Bob Swavely-206

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