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Speedstr Teams ready for close to $20,000 double header

Back to back nights for the Usac All Pro Speedstr teams in the dead of summer will be rewarded with a nice sized prize. 

$2,000 will be on the line for the winner each night of the Championship Energy Action Track USA/ Bridgeport Speedway double header this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Action Track USA moves a day earlier on Tuesday, July 28 to kick off the back to back. Tim Buckwalter, Steve Buckwalter, and Billy Pauch Jr. are the top in the point standings going into the Tuesday event. With Tim Buckwalter sidelined with an injury, the gates are open atop of the point standings. 

Teams will have a quick turn around as they debut on Wednesday, July 29, at the Kingdom of Speed, Bridgeport Speedway. Bridgeport has produced excellent racing for the Modifieds and the same is expected for the Speedstrs after several test sessions. The Speedstrs will join the DIRT car series for the event. 

The “Jersey Jet” Joey Payne will climb back behind the wheel of a Speedstr for both races. 

Joining Payne will be four time Action Track champion Billy Pauch Jr., along with veteran racers Ryan Godown and Mike Bednar. Rising stars Kenny Miller III and Jared Silfee fill the superstar Speedstr roster anticipating the racing. 

Nearly $20,000 in purse money will be on the table for the teams to chase for the two races. 

Times, admissions information, and details about the events can be found on and 

More information regarding the Speedstrs can be found on 

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