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Speedway Entertainment Race Track Rewards Program Offers $500 to Slingshot Race Tracks

The new Speedway Entertainment Race Track Rewards Program is a project to turn the focus to weekly racing at the numerous Slingshot race tracks across the country. Any race track that hosts regularly schedule Slingshot events will have the opportunity to receive $500 to use for end of the season points fund through this docket from Speedway Entertainment.

In addition, if a race track has an average car count over 25, the track will receive $100 for average over 25 Slingshots in the All Star or Junior classes.

“Rich has given us a goal to give our weekly race tracks the best opportunity to succeed and showcase all of our classes," says Speedway Entertainment's Mike Batz. "He promotes a race track as well giving him the rare chance to see the race tracks side of things as well as the racer and manufacture aspect. We are excited to work with the tracks across the country and Canada to grow this race track rewards package to benefit speedways, racers, and fans!”

Tracks will agree to host racing under the Speedway Entertainment rule book which will include registering cars that are racing at the speedway. Speedway Entertainment will deduct $50 for each car found competing that is not registered for the 2022 season. There will be a warning before the deduction is made.

Speedway’s participating in the program will receive Tech Tools, T Shirts, Rule Book, and well as a ticket to claim an engine during the 2022 racing season. A claim ticket in valued at $600 and will also help race tracks continue to provide a fair playing field. There will also be training for tech inspectors if the speedway so wishes to pursue that option.

There will be an $80 registration fee for the race tracks to be part of the Speedway Entertainment Race Track Rewards Program. The speedway must supply the information asked on the registration form by June 1, 2022. It is recommended that the form be returned before the first race held at the track for the new season.

A race ready Slingshot can be bought from Speedway Entertainment for $9417 and roll onto the race track that day! If you are interested in breaking into the racing world, no matter your age, you can call Speedway Ent for more details at 717-866-7450 or visit for more information.


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